A high speed Granulator (Chopper) is located so as to assist blending of powder and to break the product to granules of required size. Rapid Mixer Granulator is designed to meet special needs of tablet manufacturing technology. This is achieved by reducing processing time, more homogeneous mixing, and uniformity of Granule size and above all maintaining improved hygiene complaint to GMP norms.

cGMP : Rapid is designed to achieve all the requirements of cGMP current Good Manufacturing practices. The Components can be easily dismantled, cleaned thoroughly and assembled in quick time. The shaft seals are very effective to check any leakages and cross contamination due to adherents. The bowl, and all the components are of highly polished Stainless Steel with smooth contours and is crevice free.

R & D : The process parameters derived in the LA/Pilot plant scale machines can be scaled up into production machines.

General : All internal and External surfaces of Mixing bowl cover, Granulator, Agitator and Discharge chute are constructed is SS 3304 /316.

All Non Contact parts are in SS 304

All MS Parts can be easily dismantled and cleaned.