It is used for high speed Granulating, Pulverizing, Mixing, Shredding and Chopping, etc, of wide range of wet and dry material s without special attachments. This machines utilizes the principle of variable force swing hammer blades having both knife and impact edges rotating with a carefully selected screen to control size reduction.


  • Machine Portable on Castor Wheels
  • High output with process uniformity
  • All contact parts are in SS 316
  • Direction of the Blade rotation can be changed using a Reversing switch for Hammer or Knife operation.
  • Easy Dismantling and Cleaning of all components reducing production Downtime and increasing Productivity.
  • Built in Variable Frequency Drive for multiple speeds


Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, dyestuff, colours, ceramics, food products, cosmetics, Pesticides, fertilizers, Plastics, spices, bakeries, resins, insecticides, etc.,