FBDs are the state of the art drying units comparable to any internalationality made FBDs, with all the features available. Our FBDs are built with a working pressure of 3.0 /bar at 800c. Our in-house innovation team has been able to enhance the drying capabilities of our FBDs by 18-20% thus resulting in lesser drying time, giving a better shelf life to the product. The air handling unit has been designed keeping in mind, tool less construction for ease in cleaning/ replacing the filter assembly. The finger bag assembly is with quick release clamps removal and fixing of the finger bag. The machine has been designed ergonomically resulting in ease of operation.


  • Air Dehumidification o special demand.
  • Inlet / Outlet dampers have proportional control valve.
  • Proportional control temp controller.
  • Inlet /Exhaust Location: Several alternatives to suit customer requirements.
  • Wash in place.
  • Control: By PLC monitor with printer as optional.
  • Specially designed explosion flaps.
  • Inflatable Silicone seals used in the system.
  • High static high efficiency blower installed.