Conta Blending system has replaces completely the conventional blenders like ‘V’ shape/ Double cone or /ribbon type. It is a latest cGMP concept with an emphasis on the dust free transfer of powders and granules at different stages from sizing / dispensing to compression / filling of Tablets or Capsules.

The process involves collecting the sized granules in a Container, wheeling it to the Blender, engage the same with clamping system, lift and tumble for the Prevalidated time in set number of rotations.

The mixing efficiency is better than the other type if tumbling blenders like Double Cone, ‘V’ or Octa as they rotate in a diagonal and in a eccentric plane. It shuffles the product intimately resulting in homogeneous blend within 5-20 min.


  • Blending of dry powder for capsules
  • Blending of dried granules for tablets.
  • Closed system containment of processed powders / granules.
  • Single step transfer from Drying to Compression /Filling equipments with reduced material handling.


  • 0◦ for easy docking and undocking of the bin.
  • A Suitable fencing around the cage with an entry point for the bin on detachable trolley. Limit switch on entry door to prevent the accidental potation of the cage.
  • cGMP construction with cladded polished S.S sheets.
  • Suitable leak proof vent on top.